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Advanced Property Investment System
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White Paper

APIS is a whole new paradigm of investing money.

All users of APIS will be able to enjoy various masternodes with ease.

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High Accessibility

High Accessibility

An inclusive platform of different masternodes with low entry barrier.
High Accessibility

Intuitive Interface

Easy and intuitive interface that does not require much study
High Accessibility

Complete Anonymity

Complete anonymity based on cutting-edge blockchain technology.
High Accessibility

Stable Profit

Stable and continuous profit from masternode staking.

About APIS

About APIS #1
POW/POS & Masternode
About APIS #2
APIS Masternode
About APIS #3
APIS Masternode ROI
Expendability #1
Expendability #2
Smart Contract on Canvas
Expendability #3
Address Masking

What is APIS?

The APIS is a masternode mediation platform that enables all spectrum of users to have easy access to the "Masternode Network". A masternode is characterized by stable and guaranteed profit just by locking up an investor's money for a fixed amount of time. However, hosting a masternode is quite out of reach for most individual investors since most masternodes require substantial amount of capital and intricate software engineering to set one up. The APIS helps these individuals come together to form a whole masternode, providing them with much safer way of investing money rather than investing in the exchange market without adequate knowledge.

APIS Platform 1.
  • Users can participate in all masternodes listed on the APIS platform
  • Steady income with little capital
APIS Platform 2.
  • Running a masternode requires professional IT knowledge
  • Platform that does not require professional IT knowledge
  • Anybody can stake in masternodes pre-set by APIS
APIS Platform 3.
  • Key-currency of masternodes, APIS
  • Easy conversion between coins through the APIS platform
APIS Platform 4.
  • Smart Contract on Canvas Smart-contract that supports GUI

APIS Platform 5.
  • Address Masking

APIS Platform 6.
  • Mineral System

Mineral accumulate according to the amount of APIS stored in the wallet.

Adjust the upper limit of mineral according to the result of using APIS

Mineral can be purchased with APIS, but Mineral cannot be converted to APIS.

Mineral cannot be sent to other addresses, but can only be created and burned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between APIS and other existing agencies?
    APIS is different from existing agencies in the sense that:
    1. APIS users can commence their masternode investments without delay(Other agencies require users to wait until the masternode is fully filled).
    2. APIS asks for zero commission or only a small commission, if required.
    3. APIS does not require large capital nor intricate software engineering.
  • Is there any lock-up period for investors that participated in the private sale?
    Yes, lock-up period is 3months after APIS is first listed on an exchange.
  • How will The Oxchild PTE. LTD. store APIS reserve?
    We will use the Multisig wallet to store the APIS reserve.
  • Is the corporation The Oxchild PTE. LTD. based in Korea?
    No, our corporation The Oxchild PTE. LTD. is based in Singapore.
  • What will happen to the tokens unsold?
    Unsold tokens will all be burnt.
  • You are selling 55% of the tokens on the ICO. How are the remaining 45% distributed? Are there any restrictions on the free market for some time or in relation to the execution of roadmap items?
    The remaining 45% will be used for platform operation & management. 35% among the 45% will be locked-up for an year, only 10% of the 45% will be used as reserve

    Of the remaining 45%, 35% will be present in the APIS platform to provide liquidity for its users. 10% will be maintained as a reserve for potential future bounty programs or airdrops in relation to the actual platform use.

    Provision of 35% for liquidity within our platform is critical to our success because it would ease entry for people who wish to directly purchase APIS tokens from the platform rather than buying it on the market.

    It would also gaurantee non-destruction of masternodes should a person wish to withdraw his or her share of that masternode as we would constantly keep a certain amount of different masternode-capable coins in the reserve to enable them to be constantly running unless a masternode is completely drained of its participants.
  • Are there any lock-up periods for investors in private offering sale?
    Yes, three months after APIS is first listed on an exchange.
  • Is there a soft cap? Are the funds returned to investors if the soft cap is not reached?
    Yes, we do have soft cap, but it has been met with private offering and we will burn all tokens that are not sold during the ICO.
  • When does the pre-sale end? When does the crowdsale stage start and end?
    The presale will be concluded when all tokens are sold(starts on Feb 20th. We believe that all tokens will be sold in the presale round because 1) the cap is so small 2) the amount of KYC requests and local interests we've been getting is very high.


Nov 2016 - Dec 2017
Market Research
Dec 2017
Publish of White paper
Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
Token crowdsale
May 2018
APIS testnet run,
Jun 2018
Masternode platform closed Beta
To fulfill Scalability
Jul 2018
Launch of APIS mainnet
APIS token swap
APIS web wallet release
Launch of Masternode platform
Q3 2018
PC APIS wallet release,
Mobile APIS wallet release,
Launch of APIS ECO website
Q4 2018
Mobile app release,
Test on atomic swap, breeze wallet, tumblebit
Q1 2019
Q2 2019
Q3 2019


Ronny Yoo
Ronny Jooyoung Yoo
    - CEO of The Oxchild Corp. (Co-founder)
  • Co-Developer of FX Financial Engineering
  • Chain Team(Global Blockchain Partners)
    - Advisor of Blockchain Industry Finance Sector
  • J&J partners
    - FICC Operation Division
Daniel Jungmin Lee
    - CTO of The Oxchild Corp. (Co-founder)
  • Smardi / Founder
    - 2 Outstanding Papers in JMST(Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology)
    - 9 Patents including Input Device with Movable Touch-Points on Capacitive Touch Panel
    - Developer of GUI System interlocked with National Project of Radiation and Environmental Protection System
Mizusima Ryota
Mizusima Ryota
    - COO of The Oxchild Corp.
  • Nomura Research Institute / RA
    - RA of Nomura Research Institute based in Tokyo.
  • Chain Team(Global Blockchain Partners)
    - Director of R&D Part
Iwen Jang
Iwen Hanbyeol Jang
    - CIO of The Oxchild Corp.
  • JHB Partners
    - Financial Analyst
  • Kasenna
    - CIO of The kasenna
  • Lotte capital
    - Financial Analyst, Coporate Finance


David Drake
David Drake
  • Chairman at LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd.
  • Financial Advisor of Tesla Foundation Group
  • Blockchain Board Advisor of Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX)
  • Advisor of Vaultbank
  • Investment & ICO Advisor of Genie ICO
  • Board Advisor of The Naga ICO
  • Board Advisor of Ambrosus
  • Founding Board Advisor of FP Angels
Alvin Ang
Alvin Ang
  • Co-Founder of fidentiaX
  • Senior Position of Standard Chartered Private Bank
  • Senior Position of OCBC Bank
  • Multi-disciplined entrepreneur, Technology, Engineering, Banking and Insurance
Ingemar Svensson
Ingemar Svensson
  • Founder and CEO of iXledger Technologies
  • CTO of Risk and Valuation at SunGard Asset Management
  • Head of Structured Credit Technology EMEA at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Development Manager, Equity Derivatives Technology at Barclays Investment Bank
  • Technical Team Lead, Capital Markets at Lehman Brothers
  • Senior Developer at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.
Abhinav Ramesh
Abhinav Ramesh
  • Founder and CEO at WandX
  • Independent Consultant of EY
  • Co-Founder of Dtalk
    (A wellness support platform)
  • Consultant of EY
  • Junior Research Fellow of National Centre for Biological Sciences
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz
  • Bowhead Health
    - Cofounder and Head of Product
  • BelugaPay
    - Advisor
    - CEO
  • Playsino
    - Founder
  • Xfire
    -Chief Software Architect
  • Titan Gaming Inc.
    -Founder & CEO
Alejandro Avila Borrego
Alejandro Avila Borrego
  • BelugaPay
    - CEO

  • Citibanamex
    - Information Technology Consultant

    - CoFounder
Jae Sun Yoon
Jae Sun Yoon
  • Attorney at law (Blockchain Specialist)
  • Corporate Advisory at Coinone,
  • Lawyer at Chang Chun law firm
  • Worked at Yulchon law firm
Allen Kim
Allen Kim
  • Senior Engineer of Microsoft
  • Senior Hardware Engineer Development of Microsoft
  • Engineer in Samsung SDI, America
  • Front Edge Technology
Nobert Seo
Nobert Seo
  • Senior Vice President of Bystronic Market Division
  • Senior Vice President of Market Division
    Asia & Australia, Bystronic
  • President of MAG Asia Pacific Ltd. / FFG Asia Pacific Ltd
  • Vice President of MAG-IAS MAG Automotive China
  • Executive Vice President of Hwacheon
    Machinery Works
  • President, Managing director of DMG Korea
  • Master's degree, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen