Let’s start trying various functions of APIS.


You can set up Masternode and POS with just a few clicks.


We support various forms of Masternode.
Please join easy, handy Masternode.


There will be no more fussy POS, now you can set up quick on APIS platform.
We will provide POS node deployment service in the near future.

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You can create a Wallet to store or send APIS.

We offer you to set a 2 level security with a highly safe password and 2FA. Also, you need to make sure not to expose your Keystore file and Private key to others and keep it safe by printing it, writing it down, or with any other safe method.

  • PC Wallet
    July. 19. 2019 v0.8.821
  • Web Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet


APIS Explorer is a Block search & analyzing platform.
You can search for regarding information such as Block height, Block hash, tx hash, address, etc.

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You can buy/sell APIS through digital currency interchange.

  • ex_bithumb
  • ex_bithumb
  • ex_bithumb
  • ex_bithumb