About APIS

APIS provides and consults an intuitive Blockchain service.
We lower the entry boundary of Crypto-economy network and
Apply Blockchain technology worldwide to build new future value.

About Bg


With Blockchain financial service, effective decentralized economy system, dApp development, and Blockchain technology consulting, APIS provides a platform service which is highly accessible on the end-user stage. We will provide an intuitive interface to all developers with dApp launch needs on APIS Core and users who use Blockchain financial service of APIS.

Also, we aim to prevent a monopoly in the Blockchain system obtaining process and foster an evolved business by applying Blockchain technology to various industry, to decrease an unreasonable reward structure originating from the imbalance of information.

APIS team aims to break down the entry barrier of Crypto-economy network and wishes to leap toward the new era of the convergence industry where business can commuicate without boudaries, by applying Blockchain-based financial service by APIS and Blockchain technology.

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    We propose a new finance system and
    potential of decentralized economy.

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    Trough Blockchain,
    people can build a transparent trust network

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    With intuitive and convenient Blockchain,
    We provide high accessibility

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    We lower the boundary and contribute to
    Blockchain technology&Maket growth

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