Providing various service, APIS is growing to be a trusted company.


APIS provides service that helps users access Blockchain system with ease.
We support the growth and prosperity of Blockchain service providers and firms.

Currently, APIS platform supports Masternode setup and management.


Masternode setup on APIS platform requires a low minimum amount and it is easy&handy. You can select and participate in a Masternode you want immediately and set various portfolio. This whole process is based on Blockchain so users can review transparently.


POS which is out of reach for most users. You can do POS mining with ease using APIS platform.

Blockchain Technology

  • Mineral System

    We replace fees for every transaction to Minerals to increase user convenience.

  • Address Masking

    Using a simple address system, we aim to make it easier to notice an owner and solve the problem while sending addresses.

  • Knowledge key: 2FA

    Additional to a private key sign for sending a transaction, we provide another sign using an extra password(Knowledge Key).

  • Smart Contract
    on canvas

    We support an easy and fast Smart contract for anyone by implementing Smart Contract on Canvas.

  • Smart Contract

    It is a function that updating or locking the already deployed Smart contract’s contract code.

  • APIS Pay

    APIS PAY is a simple transfer&payment solution developed with a Messenger Chatbot format like Telegram, Kakao talk, etc.

  • Wink System

    By purchasing a vast amount of Minerals in advance and loading them into contract, it is possible to pay for users’ transaction fees for them.


APIS aims to build a decentralized Crypto-economy
which can link Blockchain system and real economy.

We assign the value of sharing and coexistence to crypto-finance
and prepare for the leap to a wholesome ecosystem.

APIS will be there where ever a decentralized trust system is needed.

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